Arlington BAC Test Lawyer

Did you take a BAC Test during your Arlington DUI stop?

Did you refuse such a test or did your results indicate that you were “guilty” of drunk driving?

Here at the law office of the Arlington DUI Attorney, we specialize in these types of cases. While your BAC test results are significant to the prosecution of your case, any experienced and knowledgeable Arlington DUI Attorney can refute your test results in court.

Certain clients are in fact not eligible for having breath tests performed on them for instance, if they have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions prior to the arrest. Chemical tests and field sobriety tests can be wildly inaccurate as well.

Whatever the details of your case, your defense must be tailored specifically to achieve the best outcome possible in your situation. Don’t just trust any criminal attorney or leave your defense to yourself – the Arlington Virginia Attorney is the best legal defender you can appoint for yourself in any type of DUI case. Our legal team works with cases involving all types of DUI charges in Arlington and the surrounding areas.

Even if you refused a breath test and are facing a charge for a refusal, we can still help you. Contact our office immediately after your arrest to begin working on your DUI case.