Misconceptions in an Arlington DUI

Contrary to popular belief you can be arrested for DUI in the state of Virginia for having a BAC level lower than the legal limit.  In Virginia, you can be arrested for DUI for any of the following five reasons:

It is also a common misconception that one can deny taking a chemical test and get away with it.  While you may refuse these tests, you will be charged with a refusal to submit to testing if you are arrested (which more than likely you will be.) Virginia’s DUI laws include a clause called “implied consent” which indicates that being given a driver’s license in the state of Virginia automatically gives police permission to test your BAC level at a DUI stop.

In a similar vein, you can also be arrested for operating a boat under the influence.  The aforementioned implied consent laws also apply to BUI.

Whatever the details of your case, your defense must be tailored to achieve the best outcome possible in your situation. The Arlington Virginia Attorney is the best legal defender you can appoint for yourself in any type of DUI case.

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